Keeper of the winds
The winds
controlled prisoner in a cave
Held captive in the unknown enclaves of the mind
The past is dangerous
Like the winds
Liberate from the prison cavern
menacing memories of childhood
longing for freedom
The enormous leather bag
contains things I have tried not to remember
I have guarded the pouch
never opening it for fear of the storms it brings
Tornadoes in the heartland of my home
Hurricanes on my sandy shores
I have grown weary of guarding the bag
I am tired now
having spent all my time protecting the pouch
This task kept me from becoming who I was supposed to be
If I open the stained and old leather bag
letting the winds free
releasing the past
Will I survive the storm
or will what lies hidden in the pouch
destroy me

~ by amethystd on January 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Aeolus”

  1. you will be free, not destroyed.

  2. That’s beautiful. You have anchors, you know? There are people who love you that will help you remain anchored while the storm rages. And the calm after the storm is at once terrible and beautiful and full of promise.

  3. You will be free. It’s holding onto the closed bag that destroys you.

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